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Essay writing

The structure of essay

The essay structure includes the introduction, the handling of the case and the termination.

In the introduction, the reader is presented and justified by the questioning and by the background.
The processing section describes the topic to be discussed. If necessary, the processing part can be parsed with intermediate headings. Critically look at the text: Avoid getting lost in the text for unnecessary side paths.

  • At the end of the essay, a summary is drawn which summarizes and summarizes the essence of the essay.
  • The conclusion concludes with possible conclusions and reflections on the subject. At the end, you can highlight possible issues that arose during the writing of the essay, which can be resumed later.
  • At the end is a list of literature that lists the sources of work.

The essay assignment usually also provides instructions for writing an essay related to both the essay content and the appearance of the essay. Follow the instructions given. If no further guidance is given, you can ask the instructor for help.

Characteristics of a good essay include:

  • the content corresponds to the title and deals with the essentials of the subject matter in the title
  • the author shows that he understands and controls the things he writes
  • The essay is objective and analytical. The author tries to look at things from different perspectives and to justify different perspectives
  • clarity and ease of reading, the subject has been treated closely, concisely and smoothly
  • also includes your own thoughts and justified criticism
  • there is no copy of the ideas contained in the textbooks. Direct plagiarism is strictly forbidden and easily recognizable.
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